Episode One: Introduction


  • Rajni Shah
  • Ria Righteous
  • Julietta Singh
  • Fili 周 Gibbons




strangers, decolonial, love, listening, home, not knowing, disaporic


In this introductory episode, Rajni Shah, Ria Righteous, and Julietta Singh reflect on their time working together towards what was originally planned as a symposium (also called how to think) and has (for) now been translated into this podcast.

The episode begins with an extract from a meditation led by Ria Righteous, followed by Julietta, then Ria, then Rajni reflecting on where they are situated and what’s present for each of them. The episode includes short narrations in which Rajni introduces some of the context for this conversation and the podcast as a whole. Most of the episode is composed of extracts from a reflective conversation in which Rajni, Julietta, and Ria touch on themes of home, grief, friendship, disaporic identities, listening, trust, and preparing for a pandemic world.

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Author Biographies

Rajni Shah

Rajni Shah (they/them) is an artist whose practice is focused on listening and gathering as creative and political acts. Key projects—always created alongside and in collaboration with others—include hold each as we fall (1999), The Awkward Position (2003-2004), Mr Quiver (2005-2008), small gifts (2006-2008), Dinner with America (2007-2009), Glorious (2010-2012), Experiments in Listening (2014-2015), Lying Fallow (2014-2015), Song (2016), I don’t know how (to decolonize myself) (2018), Feminist Killjoys Reading Group (2016-2020) and Listening Tables (2019-2020). In 2021, Rajni will publish a monograph and series of zines as part of the Performance Philosophy Series, entitled Experiments in Listening.

Ria Righteous

Ria Righteous is an artist and healer. Their practice overall is a contextual life enquiry, which responds to generations of systemic violence & oppression and is concerned with the decolonisation, healing, reclamation and transformation of psyche & soma. Extensive auto-ethnographic research, tacit knowledge and esoteric practices heavily inform their work. Healing and integration is both their praxis & political action.

Julietta Singh

Julietta Singh is Associate Professor of English and Gender Studies at the University of Richmond, where she teaches courses on decolonial literature, the ecological humanities, and queer studies. She is the author of three books: No Archive Will Restore You (Punctum Books, 2018), Unthinking Mastery: Dehumanism and Decolonial Entanglements (Duke UP, 2018), and her forthcoming work of epistolary nonfiction, The Breaks (Coffee House Press and Daunt Books Originals, 2021).

Fili 周 Gibbons

Fili 周 Gibbons (we/them/us) are a musician and recording engineer working across a range of community and professional contexts to support plural voices, expressions, and sonic experiences. As well as leading community workshops they frequently work with other sound and video artists, drawing on listening, memory and intuition as guiding forces in collaborative making practices. Their work interfaces with plural cultural histories and experiences, intangible arts traditions, and community-oriented sound practice.


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